There are different types of intellectual property such as Patents, Industrial Property, Trade Secrets, Copyright, Geographical Indicators. Trademark is one amongst them.Trademark is a word, symbol, or phrase which is used to identify a particular manufacturer or the product of seller and distinguish their product from the products of another.It is also called the registration of the brand name. The provisions related to trademark are provided under the Trademarks Act, 1999.To become King of your business, you must protect your ideas under intellectual property rights. You must register your trademark and protect it from any kind of misuse by third party. Trademark protection can extend beyond the word, symbol or phrase to include other aspects of a product such as its colour. Trademark make it easier for the consumers to quickly identify the source of a given product. In today time customer knows the name of the brand only not the person who made it. If it is taken by someone else, then it could spoil the hard work of many years. Hence it is advisable to get their brand name registered before start of the business