An Overview

All Companies whether it is Private Limited, Public Limited or One Person Company (OPC)must file an annual return in e-form MGT-7to the Registrar of Companies. Companies shall conduct Annual General Meeting (AGM) at the end of the financial year and file an annual return with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs.Form MGT-7 contains all the information related to the shareholders, directors, debenture holders, and shareholding pattern as of the last day of the financial year.

Need of Filing MGT-7

Mandatory Filing

It is mandatory for every company registered under the Companies Act, 2013 to file the company’s annual return for every financial year with the Registrar of Companies via Form MGT-7/7A. The company is duly responsible for furnishing the form within 60 days of its Annual General Meeting.

⇒ Levy of Penalty

Every company shall file the form on time otherwise it will lead to a penalty of Rs 100 per day.

⇒ Strike Off

If the company will not file its annual return for the two continuous financial years, it may lead to the company status as “inactive company”.

Disqualification of Director

If the company will not file its annual return for the three continuous financial years, it will lead to the disqualification of directors of the company under the Companies Act, 2013. Further, he cannot be the director for a period of five years in any company from the date of disqualification. His DIN (Director Identification Number) will also become inactive.

⇒ Fine and Imprisonment of Director

If the company fails to file the annual return even after 270 days from the due date then the director of the company can be levied with the fine of minimum Rs 50,000 which may extend up to Rs 5 Lakh or the Director can also be imprisoned for a period upto 6 Months. Both Fine and imprisonment can also be levied at the same time.

Types of MGT Forms


Meaning of “Small Company “is defined under sub section (85) of Section 2 of the Companies Act, 2013 as companies other than the public companies having:

  • Paid up share capital not exceeding Rs 2 crore or such specified higher amount which shall not be more than Rs.10 crores.
  • Turnover not exceeding Rs 20 crore or such a specified higher amount which shall not be more than Rs.100 crore. 

However, the following companies are not small companies:

  • A subsidiary or holding company
  • A company registered under Section 8 of the Companies Act 2013
  • A Body Corporate or company is governed by a special Act

Benefits of Filing MGT

Creates Good Image

After filing the annual return, the profile of the company on the site of Ministry of Corporate Affairs will also get updated and it will show the date of last Annual General Meeting held and status of the company as Active. Anyone can view the company profile and it will give a good impression about the company that company made timely compliances.

Creates Public Report

It will create a record of the company financials and anyone can view the data of any company by viewing the public record options available on the site of Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

Informative Statements

The basic objective of financial statements is to provide information about the financial health, growth and modifications in a company’s financial position that will be useful to a wide range of stakeholders in making business decisions.


Due Date for Filing MGT-7

All companies registered under the Companies Act, 2013 are required to file the annual returnwithin 60 days of conducting an Annual General Meeting.

Penalty for Late Filing MGT-7

If any company fails to file the MGT-7 on time along with the requisite documents, then it will lead to a penalty of Rs 100 per day until the form is filed.

Documents Required
  • List of Shareholders, Debenture holders
  • List of Directors
  • Approval Letter for extension of AGM if extension granted
  • Other attachments, if any
Details Required
  1. Contact No
  2. Email ID
  3. Business Activity
  4. Goods/Services description
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Process of Company Registration

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Documents & Details required for company incorporation in very simple terms
Documents Required
  • Bank Statement
  • Electricity Bill
  • Telephone Bill
  • Mobile Bill
  • Passport
  • Driving License
  • Voter’s Identity Card
  •  Electricity Bill or
  • Telephone Bill
  • (Not older than 2 Month)
Details Required
  1. Company Name
  2. Company Email Id and Phone No
  3. Business Activity
  4. Directors Name
  5. Shareholders Name
  6. All Directors and Shareholders Details:
  • Email ID and Mobile Number
  • Place of Birth (District & State)
  • Nationality
  • Qualification
  • Current Employment: Salaried/ Businessman/ Other
  • Duration of Stay at Present Address
  • Capital Amount
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  • Certified MGT-7/7A Form

  • Preparation of Other attachments if required

  • Attestation of Forms

  • Preparation of Director List

  • Preparation of Shareholder List